Meet Us

Dr. Eyal Rotenberg

Co-Chairman of the Forum, Weizmann Institute

Prof. Alon Tal

Co-Chairman of the Forum, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Eliahu Ben-Moshe

A senior demographer, former deputy director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Lecturer in Demography at Hebrew University

Prof. Dafna Birnbaum-Carmeli

Sociology of Health, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa

Prof. Michelle Portman

Regional planner, the Technion, formerly chief planner for the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel

Dr. Hagit Olanovsky

Consultant on sustainability and Chair "The Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition"

Prof. (emeritus) Avital Gazit

Aquatic ecologist and director of the Masters Program at the Porter School of the Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Ram Fishman

Expert in food security, Tel Aviv University, School of Public Policy

Dr. Gidi Pisanti

Ecologist, Department of Zoology and the Steinhardt Nature Museum, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Misha Shauli

Former senior police officer, social activist and Forum coordinator

Dr. Tamir Klein

Chief Researcher in Ecology at the Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Institute

Mr. Dan Perry

Environmental consultant, former Director-General of the Nature Reserves Authority

Dr. Orit Skotelsky

Coordinator of Water and Streams Sector, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

Dr. Nurit Carmi

Tel-Hai College

Mr. Itamar Shahar


Mr. Haran Yakir


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