The Israel Forum for Population, Environment, and Society would like to invite you to the first international and academic workshop concerning overpopulation in Israel. The workshop includes a variety of diverse speakers with contrasting cultural and ethnic backgrounds to grapple the intensity and complexity of overpopulation.
Some speakers include: Dr. Anju Kumar, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Indian Embassy, Mrs. Hannah Ama Nyarko, Ambassador of Ghana in Israel, Dr. Avi Rose, Educational Psychologist and Director of Education for Young Judaea Year Course, a gap year program in Israel, and many more.
Additionally, the workshop aims to understand the different ethnic and religious/secular divides that make this topic so complex.
Whether this is your expertise or you are simply just interested, check out the schedule below to see what parts (or all!) of the workshop you would like to attend.
The workshop will take place from February 19th-20th of 2018 in room 527 in the Naftali Building of Tel Aviv University. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Schedule, TAU-Maryland Workshop on Fertility and Culture, February, 2018